The hustle and bustle of Sao Paulo, the cultural vibrancy of Recife, the iconic beauty of Rio de Janeiro, the architectural allure of Brasilia, the serene charm of Gramado, the mountainside appeal of Belo Horizonte, the distinctive energy of Belem, and the homey warmth of Goiania - each Brazilian city I have visited has left its mark in my memories.

There was a time when these cities were the backdrop of my tech adventures and my vacation retreats, serving both as venues for the many conferences I attended or as tranquill places to rest and recharge. Each of them held its own charm, yet they all shared a common thread – they felt like home to me.

Back then, even though I had traveled to other countries for short periods of time, I couldn’t have envisioned the dramatic shift my life was about to take. As I’d journey through the corridors of Software Engineer Journeys or sit amidst the enthusiastic crowd at RubyConf or even while having some drinks in a beach hotel bar, I was blissfully unaware that destiny had charted a whole new map for me.

Today, the tapestry of my life has evolved. I now find myself amidst the artful architecture of Barcelona, with the whispers of my Goianian past accompanying me. The familiar sounds of Portuguese have made way for the poetic notes of Catalan and Spanish I hear in the streets, while I also hone my English at work. And my palate? It’s transformed too. Pamonha and churrasco, those delectable staples from my homeland, now share space with paella and crema catalana, reflecting my evolving culinary journey.

As I pack, ready to embark on another adventure to Euruko in the historical city of Vilnius, Lithuania, it’s not just a conference calling me. It’s a testament to my journey - from local Brazilian tech events to international stages. It’s about recognizing how far I’ve come, the challenges embraced, the cultures intertwined, and the endless horizons yet to be explored.

This is not merely a tale of geographical transitions. It’s a chronicle of personal evolution, of embracing the unknown, and of celebrating the unique melody of life that plays out when passion meets purpose.